Cliptastic - Open Source Windows Clipboard Text History Utility

Cliptastic is a no-frills open source tool for Microsoft Windows that keeps a history of all the text you place in your clipboard. When you want to retrieve text that was previously in your clipboard, simply find it in Cliptastic and click on it. Cliptastic will place that text back into the clipboard for pasting. Why use Cliptastic instead of one of the four-billion other Windows clipboard utilities out there? Because Cliptastic is quick and dirty, the source code is available, and it's 100% free.

Visit the Cliptastic Project Page on Sourceforge to report bugs or get the source code. Cliptastic is written in Perl/TK, and can be run as a Perl script or a regular Windows executable. Download a Windows Install .EXE version below:

Cliptastic 1.10 Windows Install ExecutableFeb-12-2009 Release. Latest Version!
Cliptastic 1.00 Windows Install ExecutableSep-23-2004 Release.
Cliptastic 0.07Sep-15-2004 Release.
Cliptastic 0.06Aug-06-2004 Release.
Cliptastic 0.05Jul-29-2004 Release.
Cliptastic 0.04Jul-15--2004 Release.
Cliptastic 0.03Jun-29-2004 Release.
Cliptastic 0.02Jun-25-2004 Release.

12-Feb-2009 Cliptastic 1.10
-Add "Always to Bottom" Preference
-Fix bug where keepers list could crash
 Cliptastic if the keeper contained
 certain characters.
-Added history -- Cliptastic now 
 remembers your last 100 clips when you
 launch anew
-Right click on a URL in Cliptastic, and 
 you can launch it directly in your browser
-Copy text back to clipboard in reverse 
 character order
-Save history and keepers periodically
 in the event of a system crash

23-Sep-2004 Cliptastic 1.00
-New versioning
-Remove tear off menus.  Seems to be a bug
 in Perl/TK that allows these things to be
 resizable which isn't good.
-Add "Open Cliptastic" to systray popup
-Add "Keepers" to systray popup
-About dialog popup over main window, change
 so that it is not resizable
-Add "Copy to l33t sp34k" to right-click menu
-Better filter on URL and Email 
-Items copied to list previously will move to 
 bottom of list if copied again.
-Cliptastic now packaged with PAR.

15-Sep-2004 Cliptastic 0.07
- Systray menu now includes last five
  copied items to clipboard.
- Keeper list is sorted ascending
- Must explicitly 'Exit' to terminate

06-Aug-2004 Cliptastic 0.06
- Minimize to system tray
- Fixed bug where new clipboard items
  were not being filtered if a filter 
  was being applied

29-Jul-2004 Cliptastic 0.05
- Added Text Filter entry
- Renamed "File>>Clear" to "File>>Clear History"
- Added "File>>Clear Clipboard"
- Added right-click menu, Copy lower and Copy UPPER
- Removed right-click menu "View (Internal Viewer)"
- Renamed right-click menu "View (Windows Default)" to "View"

15-Jul-2004 Cliptastic 0.04
- Added "Keepers" to save text that 
  is used most often.  Right-click
  to add text to the Keeper list.

29-Jun-2004 Cliptastic v0.03
- Fixed bug where after "File>>Clear",
  items would re-appear after the use
  of a filter.
- Add right-click popup menu on items.
  Enabled View (internal) and View (Windows)
  Enabled Remove text
- New icon

24-Jun-2004 Cliptastic v0.02
- First public release

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